Initial Consultation

consultations Preparing for your initial consultation

For some people the initial consultation is very exciting and for others it’s a very daunting task if they are not prepared or do not know what they want. There are so many details to consider when picking your florals, linens and decor for your event. We are experienced with all types of events, venues and decor and will help you narrow down your choices.

Here are a few tips for your initial consultation:

  1. Bring photos of what you LOVE. If you love more than one style, we can help you narrow down your choices.
  2. Know your venue – Does it have really high ceilings? Is there any existing decor to coordinate with? Will you be outdoors and/or inside?
  3. Time of day – Daytime events vs. evening events. Will you be in the hot sun? Some flowers perform better in the heat than others.
  4. Time of year – this can sometimes affect your flower choices and cost.